Fireline inset and freestanding stoves are designed and engineered to be highly efficient and environmentally friendly. The wood burning and multi-fuel stoves provide heating using advanced firebox and combustion technology developed exclusively in our Telford laboratory. The results are our cleanest burning, most efficient stoves yet. Our wood burning stoves begin at 78% efficiency (where some other products peak) and rise to 81.5%. Our combustion technology is developed to harness the unique Fireline designed airwash as an integral part of the system and not just an add-on like some older designs of stove.

FGi5T Wroxetter

Create a stunning impression in your living room

FGi5W in Aylesbury

A mid sized 5kW rectangular inset wood stove

FXW Gas Stove in Aylesbury

Top levels of fuel economy

FP4 balmoral

Superior, large stove performance from a petite, narrow design

FP5 Balmoral

Traditional and contemporary

FP5W stove in Inglenook

Traditional and contemporary

FP8 stove

Traditional and contemporary

FPi5 Inset Stove

Traditional and contemporary


Traditional and contemporary