Consort 5 SlimlineQuietly capable.

Consort 5 Slimline

Stove Details

Specially designed with a shallower fuel bed, the Slimline 5 will fit into a smaller hearth. Remove the optional window bars for a clear view of the flickering flames, and enjoy a fire with real heart.

We?ve downsized the stove without sacrificing performance. The Consort 5 Slimline is engineered with the Parkray technology you?ve come to expect:
? Cleanburn system, to ensure efficient ignition and less waste
? Adjustable grate to burn wood or solid fuel
? Heat output of 5kW (max).
? Cool-touch riddling handle
? Hot airwash to keep the glass clean.

Though it?s small, the Slimline 5 is a feisty fire, delivering a proportionally higher heat output than many of its bigger counterparts. So, even if your space is discreet, your stove needn?t be.